ZF-5195: No options after disabling translation in Zend_Form_Element_Multi



disabling the translator in Zend_Form_Element_Multi doesn't work as intended. If I disable translation, the Options are not added to the element! Perhaps this bug has been introduced with this patch:

See here:

public function addMultiOption($option, $value = '') ....... if (!$this->_translateOption($option, $value)) { $this->options[$option] = $value; } ......

protected function _translateOption($option, $value) { if ($this->translatorIsDisabled()) { return true; } ......

If I fix it (return false if translator is disabled), it works again.


I agree, this is a serious bug and should be resolved for the next release. Your solution works fine, thanks!

Took me some hours to get to this bug... please fix it! (fixed it in my own install but I know I will forget about this when I update :p)

Maybe this helps to get this fix in the next release :)


I was gonna report this a half a year ago, but this was already posted. I almost went crazy when I upgraded to 1.8.1, but then i remembered the bug. ┬┐When it's gonna be fixed?

Thanks a lot!

This has been completed in ZF-5937.