ZF-5209: Disarm Zend_Mail_Part::__get()


i having some trouble reading mails that have some missing headers. Unlike other classes it is not possible to check if a header exists. I found a __get() method that throws some exceptions which is not very useful if you are using template engines like smarty:




As mentiond above this throws a Zend_Mail_Exception and the rest of the template would not be rendered.

Maybe this is the way you want to use the Zend_Mail_Part::__get, but then there has to be a __isset Method to check if the header exists, without throwing exceptions.

Is that possible?

Kind regards, Daniel


A function "headerExists()" and a proxy __isset were added to Zend_Mail_Part class

I copied to 1.7 branch at SVN r13885

Sorry, not in 1.7.4. I think it will be released in next minor or major.