ZF-5238: Feed protocol versions are not taken into consideration when looking up XML namespaces


Changes were recently introduced to Zend_Gdata_FeedEntryParent to support associating a protocol version with a feed and/or entry.

However, this protocol version is not taken into account when looking up XML namespaces during object instantiation. As a result, elements using a v2 namespace will be incorrectly stored as extension elements.

This is blocking development of features for YouTube v2.


Uploaded patch for review:

Committed to trunk as r13290.

Merged to release-1.7 as r13289.

Marking as fixed for next mini release.

This hadn't been merged to release-1.7 as I had expected -- r13289 is actually for ZF-5186.

I've properly merged this to release-1.7 in r13379.