ZF-5355: Zend Framework documentation syntax highlighting


Zend Framework docs can be easily syntax highlighted:…

It would be nice to have them highlighted on official site.

I've been told, that the code beginning with <?php is JS highlighted, but I couldn't find any.


CHM and docbook use different standards for compilation. Also we have PDF which uses a third default.

You can't compare those against each other. The written (source) manual is the smallest source to all three target formats.

Yeah, but the HTML manual it the first thing most of the users will see (and I still use it) and if it is colorful, users will like it more .

You referred to CHM and said PHP is highlighted, which is not true for HTML rendering.

This is done by the additional script which adds a span to the compiled HTML source. Actually there is no way to add a span to docbook itself.

Michael and me are trying to increase the usability of all manuals. We are aware of such things.

I may be able to add Dojo highlighting to the manual, but that would require shipping the Dojo library with all html dists of the docs. Let me mull it over for a while.

Resolved since new 1.10 online documentation