ZF-5370: Automatically set form encoding on upload


When using the file element, the encoding of the form should automatically be set to 'multipart' to prevent unintentionally broken form uploads.


This will be difficult to accomplish, as the form object is not injected into individual elements. Additionally, we will not allow any code in Zend_Form that is specific to a given type of element.

Matthew, I know this. This is just a reminder for me to see if there is a way.

You know that I will first ask you when there is a solution which is not strictly part of the file element before implementation.

Under code review since 29.Jan.2009

Thomas -- I have a patch in the incubator that accomplishes this; it was an issue of order-of-operations. Tests for ZF-5370 now all pass; feel free to apply to trunk.

Integrated with r13988