ZF-5371: Date output format bug



$date = new Adept_Date('29.12.2008'); echo $date->toString('dd.MM.YYYY');

Result: 29.12.2009

But 2008 expected.

This bug happend today (29 Dec, on 28 Dec It works normally)

Version of Zend_Date: $Id: Date.php 13373 2008-12-19 12:22:49Z thomas $


Same situation with:

$date = new Adept_Date(); $date->setDay(29); $date->setMonth(12); $date->setYear(2008); echo $date->toString('dd.MM.YYYY');

So I think that problem is in output methods.

Read the manual and use 'yyyy' ;)

Yep... it helps ;-)

Please do first look if a related issue already exist or has existed before creating same issues multiple times.

Duplication of ZF-5297