ZF-5406: Pease include non-PDO mysql drivers


I have dug myself into a trench using the PEAR-hacked version of the Zend_Db adapters; they do not support many features of the Zend_Db_Adapter class including fetchPairs, fetchAssoc, etc. Using non ActiveRecord calls is pretty mandatory for quick retrieval of complex sets. In particular I am supporting a galactic web app that has calls to core mysql methods all over the place and insinuating Zend into that environment pretty much requires me to stick with mysql -- not pdo_mysql, not mysqli. Help! Thanks -- and let me know if I can contribute towards this as well.


As the ext/mysql is getting older and older, it is really recommanded not to use that extension any more in new PHP developments.

Zend Framework won't support such a connector, as it is too old, not object oriented, and doesn't support most of DB stuff such as prepared statements and transactions.

Nothing to do else than use PDO_Mysql ( available since PHP 5.1 .... ) or Mysqli (PHP 5.0).

You could write that one yourself, it should not be to hard.

But Julien is right, i don't think ZF should support a driver for ext/mysql.

We will not be supporting the ext/mysql functions for a couple of reasons:

1) its not actively maintained anymore ( 2) It does not support a rich enough feature set nor does it contain what we would consider "essential" functionality in terms of stability, best practices and security.