ZF-5522: typo in Zend_ProgressBar_Adapter ::notify phpdoc comment


     * Notify the adapter about an update
     * @param  float   $current       Current progress value
     * @param  float   $max           Max progress value
     * @param  flaot   $percent       Current percent value
     * @param  integer $timeTaken     Taken time in seconds
     * @param  integer $timeRemaining Remaining time in seconds
     * @param  string  $text          Status text
     * @return void
    abstract public function notify($current, $max, $percent, $timeTaken, $timeRemaining, $text);

Float is spelt as 'flaot' instead of 'float'. Note this typo exists in the Adapters that extend Zend_ProgressBar_Adapter such as Zend_ProgressBar_Adapter_JsPush, Zend_ProgressBar_Adapter_JsPull and Zend_ProgressBar_Adapter_Console.


correct from flaot to float in phpDoc at SVN r14099

It will be released 1.7.6 or later.