ZF-5550: Zend_DB/Oracle fetchColumn errors on empty rowset


Zend/Db/Statement/Oracle function fetchColumn throws an exception when the result set contains no rows.

The base function Zend/DB/Statement checks that there is a result (and returns FALSE if not) before attempting to extract a column, I think the Oracle version should do the same.

--update on 2009/01/19 I initially found this issue by using the fetchOne() statement, so sample code (assume $db is a valid connection to an Oracle database) would be:

// assume $db is a valid connection to an Oracle database
$sql = ('select * from dual where 1=0');
$row = $db->fetchRow($sql); //ok, returns false
$one = $db->fetchOne($sql); //unhandled exception


Can you give us code? I am not able to reproduce the bug or there is something that i misunderstood.

Fixed with SVN13702

Also resolved an error in unit tests: testStatementFetchColumnEmptyResult(Zend_Db_Statement_OracleTest)

correct fix version