ZF-5569: Write doc for new functions


I added some functions as I fixed several issues. I must write document how to use new functions in following.

getHeaderEncoding() setHeaderEncoding($encoding)

clearMessageId() createMessageId() getMessageId() setMessageId($id = true)

clearRecipients() clearFrom() clearReturnPath() clearSubject() clearDate()


we should discuss this API changes from the point of API stability.

If we include this functions there is no way back and we should avoid bloating up the API too much.

Hi, Benjamin.

If You want to delete these functions, I think You must talk about reporters and comenters and change status to won't fix (or other).

Do You think it is better to release these functions in Ver 1.8.0 more than Ver. 1.7.3?

ZF-2624 Relates to clearMessageId() createMessageId() getMessageId() setMessageId($id = true

ZF-3689 Relates to clearFrom

ZF-3377 Relates to clearRecipients() clearSubject()

ZF-1626 Relates to clearRecipients() clearSubject() clearFrom

No issue. I added as other clear functions. clearReturnPath() clearDate()

ZF-3067 and ZF-2559 should relates to getHeaderEncoding() setHeaderEncoding($encoding)

nono, not delete the functions they are obviously needed. just maybe thinking about some refactorings.

Hi , Benjamin. I understand. :-)

Solved in SVN r13740

needs some more fix

I ensure to be released in 1.7.5 .