ZF-5589: ZendX_JQuery_View_JQuery should be ZendX_JQuery_View_Helper_JQuery in Docs

Description jQuery NoConflict Mode

jQuery offers a noConflict mode that allows the library to be run side by side with other javascript libraries that operate in the global namespace, Prototype for example. The Zend Framework jQuery View Helper makes usage of the noConflict mode very easy. If you want to run Prototype and jQuery side by side you can call ZendX_JQuery_View_JQuery::enableNoConflictMode(); and all jQuery helpers will operate in the No Conflict Mode.

I believe instead of: ZendX_JQuery_View_JQuery::enableNoConflictMode();

it should be: ZendX_JQuery_View_Helper_JQuery::enableNoConflictMode();


thanks for the hint, this is fixed in trunk now.

Merged back to 1.7 release branch for 1.7.5 release