ZF-5615: ZendX_JQuery_View_Helper_DatePicker - error during date convertion


Hi everyone. I've just found a bug in the ZendX_JQuery_View_Helper_DatePicker class in _resolveLocaleToDatePickerFormat() function. I set up zend_locale to en, so first part the result of Zend_Locale_Format::getDateFormat() method is MMM, which is equivalent to M in date() function. The _resolveLocaleToDatePickerFormat() function makes it as 'mmm' not 'M'. The problem is in str_replace() function, because shorter strings are at the beginning of array map, so str_replace() repleaced 3 times 'M' by 'm'.

Hope you know what I mean.


can you give me the complete Zend_Locale format and the expected Javascript result? I have fixed it here, though i don't know if its correct.

Oyy! My Zend_Locale format is: 'MMM d, yyyy' and after the replacement I suppose to get 'M d, yy'.

Will be fixed in next mini or minor release