ZF-5648: Add source parameter to Zend_Service_Twitter


There is no option to specify a 'source' parameter in the Zend_Service_Twitter. This source parameter is used to specify a custom twitter client.…

Adding this option should be trivial. Adding a setSource() that adds the 'source' parameter to the data array should do the trick


I have a patch that adds support for the source parameter to the update() method as optional third parameter.

Wil: how do I go about adding this patch, can I just commit it to trunk?

Ok, ignore that last comment. Should've known there are contributor guidelines :)

Here's the diff file that patches this bug. Please review and commit.

Patch looks good to me. I'll apply it before 1.8 comes out as I have to write a unit test for it and I'm not sure how to do it when I don't have an application id to test with it.

I reckon this didn't make it into 1.8 :)

I think for a testcase, it's not necessary to have an actual source id. If you use a mock object, all the testcase needs to verify is whether the source parameter ends up in the api call. (no need to actually test twitter itself).

Correct it did not make it into 1.8. I will try and get it into 1.8.1.

According to the twitter API (…) the source parameter is no longer on the update status method.

Let me do some more digging to see what I can find.

This is no longer supported unless you you OAuth:…

Closing as Won't Fix