ZF-5666: jQuery UI TabContainer rendering incorrectly


There's a bug in the jQuery UI TabContainer helper that makes the tabs not render correctly.

Screenshot of tabs: !…!" rel="nofollow">Full Size

The problem is the addition of child element in the javascript function, as shown in the below diff that fixed the problem.

// Diff output
<         $js = sprintf('%s("#%s > ul").tabs(%s);',
>         $js = sprintf('%s("#%s").tabs(%s);',

Screenshot after diff: !…!" rel="nofollow">Full Size


Changed assignment to me.

Hello Brian,

can you tell me the jQuery UI Version that you are using?

Schedulded for the next release (Either 1.8 or 1.7.5)

Hi, I am trying to get this component working for subforms and mine does not display with tabs.

It does work with the following diff (and without the diff noted previously):

93c93 < $list = '


ul class="ui-tabs-nav">'.PHP_EOL;

       $list = '
  • '.PHP_EOL; 133c133 < . '


         . '</div></div>'.PHP_EOL;

I am using the following JQuery includes:

The screenshots look like they were taken from the example at…

I was trying to get that example working before implementing with my own forms and am wondering if the rest of the example is available somewhere (headers, javascript, css stylesheet).

@Laura: which UI version and which stylesheet are you using?

Here are the contents of my jquerytest.phtml (jquerytestAction in the controller is taken directly from…):

jQuery UI Tabs - Default functionality

<?=$this->form ?>

I did also try adding this line with same functional results (different styling):

ZendX is from the Zend 1.7.4 release.

(Sorry for the slow replay, was expecting the issue tracker to email me... will have to look for that setting...)

Okay, I get it... should have been $("#tabContainer").tabs() in the javascript...

I still think it would be useful to add this to the example, along with the javascript and stylesheet includes.