ZF-5667: ZendX_JQuery Produces Script Output When Not Used


When setting your own paths for local jQuery they render whether you are using a jQuery feature or not. Where as when using CDN they don't.

$this->jQuery()->setLocalPath('path') $this->jQuery()->setUiLocalPath('path')

It's 'excessive' loading to load the files even when not needed. I've also noticed that disable() and uidisable() don't seem to have any effect when you set a local path.

Update - To be clearer I don't think the enable methods ($this->enable(); and $this->uiEnable()) should be called by the setLocalPath() and setUiLocalPath() as you (or I do!) want to set these in your bootstrap and not every time you call the helper. There fore if you sett hem it automatically enables jQuery, which is not the same thing!


i have talked to matthew, the dojo helper does it the same way. We are discussing to change this for 1.8 though, because you are right the behaviour is not really required this way.

Fixed in trunk, will be included in 1.8 release, because the fix introduces slight BC.