ZF-5736: Soap AutoDiscover: setUri() should support GET parameters


Hello, for a soap server I wrote the following code:

if(isset($_GET['wsdl'])) {

$autodiscover = new Zend_Soap_AutoDiscover();

$autodiscover->setUri("http://mydomain/soapserver.php?token=4444& amp;key=5555"); //need & amp; otherwise & character will cause a loadXML() error



Here setUri create a soap service with a soap:address attribut => "http://mydomain/soapserver.php?token=4444& amp;amp;key=5555" The soap address should be "http://mydomain/soapserver.php?token=4444& amp;key=5555" or "http://mydomain/soapserver.php?token=4444&key=5555"

Note: if you encounter this problem too, a temporary solution could be to use / instead of GET parameter= > $autodiscover->setUri("http://mydomain/soapserver.php/4444/5555")



i just found a mistake in this fix, sorry. I reopen until i have found it.

fixed now

Thanks Benjamin