ZF-5745: Zend_Date set-by-array corrupts day in DST


Additional unit test:

Expected: 2009-08-28T22:00:00+02:00 Result: 2009-08- 29 T22:00:00+02:00

        $date = new Zend_Date(array('year' => 2009, 'month' => 8, 'day' => 28,
                                    'hour' => 22, 'minute' => 00, 'second' => 00, 'de'));
        $this->assertSame('2009-08-28T22:00:00+02:00', $date->getIso());


This failure is already fixed within trunk.

You'll have to wait for a new release, or use trunk as we can't edit a already released version.

We are using trunk ;-)

The test above is an additional unit test that fails on the trunk of two minutes ago (14046). It exposes a different failure.

The difference with the failure that was fixed in 5735 seems to be that this event falls within DST.

I added exactly this unittest with r14048 as I've done it locally before. Still this unittest does not fail. I can't reproduce your problem.

Maybe you mixed trunk with release by your includepath.

Enter the twilight zone:

I have checked out 14060 and ran phpunit Zend/DateTest.php, and there are no failures.

Now, I've stripped all testXYZ() functions from DateTest leaving only the testTimezoneArray() function. Stripping and running reproduces the error.

There was 1 failure:

1) testTimezoneArray(Zend_DateTest)
expected string <2009-08-28T22:00:00+02:00>
difference      <         xxxx>
got string      <2009-08-29T00:00:00+02:00>

Tests: 1, Assertions: 5, Failures: 1.