ZF-5805: Make protected methods of Zend_Controller_Action public


Currently, Zend_Controller_Action has a number of protected "helper" methods. There is no good reason for these to be protected, and it actually makes it difficult for action helpers to have introspection and access to valuable processes in Zend_Controller_Action. These methods include:

  • _getParam()
  • _setParam()
  • _hasParam()
  • _getAllParams()
  • _forward()
  • _redirect

Public methods should be provided, and the protected methods marked as deprecated.; the protected methods will proxy to the public methods in the interim.


When will we be given from the PHP devs a 'package' visibility ? ... :-(

Patch for this issue.

This is marked as "Next Minor Release". Will this, then, be addressed in v1.12?

Yes -- 1.12, as it marks existing methods deprecated and adds new methods. I've applied the patch to trunk at this time, and it will be incorporated in 1.12.