ZF-5809: typo in "caution" part, section 37.4.2 (Zend_Pdf): "withing" vs. "within"



It looks like there is a small typo within "caution" part of section 37.4.2 (Zend_Pdf): bq.Important! Cloned page shares some PDF resources with a template page, so it can be used only withing the same document... It may be "within".

By the way, "caution" img does not load (cf. screenshot)

Regards, Remy


Caution img does not load

The caution tag is used only in the section.

I find the same problem with ``` tag also in following.

Zend_Db_Table.xml Zend_Registry.xml Zend_Rest_Client.xml Zend_Search_Lucene-Charset.xml

Hi, Remy. Please create or clone new issue about image file.