ZF-5833: Zend_Feed_Rss : Guid for the entries is not completed


Hello, I am french so sorry for my english...

In the composant Zend_Feed_Rss, for the entries, if the Guid is present and isn't a URL, then it must be to add the attribute 'isPermaLink' and this attribute must be equal to false.

The code for the method '_mapFeedEntries' in the composant Zend_Feed_Rss :

if (isset($dataentry->guid)) { $guid = $this->_element->createElement('guid', $dataentry->guid); if(!Zend_Uri::check($dataentry->guid)) { $guid->setAttribute('isPermaLink', 'false'); } $item->appendChild($guid); }

Thank you :-)


Fixed in r19132. Enjoy proper isPermaLink attributes ;)