ZF-5847: "max" option of Zend_Form StringLength validator considered as "min" option when "min" option is omitted


When you create a form element from .ini file, and add a StringLength validator to your element with a .max option but without .min option, then .max is wrongly interpreted as .min.


user_details.elements.firstname.options.validators.strlen.validator = "StringLength"
user_details.elements.firstname.options.validators.strlen.options.max = "30"

Let's say I input "foo" as firstname Actual result:{quote} - form does not validate - following error message is displayed: 'foo' is less than 30 characters long {quote} Expected result:{quote} - form should validate - no error should be displayed {quote} NOTE: this bug may impact other validators as well. Problem comes from Zend_Form_Element::_loadValidator() ``` $validator['options'] is passed to constructor without taking into consideration options name<

Temporary workaround: - always specify a min length as well (set it to 0)


Already fixed with r18058 on 10.Sept