ZF-5899: 1.7.5 Editor Does Not Load With Value


I upgraded to 1.7.5 from 1.7.1 version. 1- Zend_Dojo Editor form element does not load with value set during programmatic declaration. This was not the case on 1.7.1 2- It does not post the content typed inside the editor. However this I am able to fix on Firefox and Chrome by refering to ZF-5387.

                                    'label'         => 'Content Holder',
                                    'required'      => $required,
                                    'focusOnLoad'   => $required,
                                    'width'         => '940px',
                                    'scroll'        => $notRequired,
                            'value'         => 'Load with this sentence inside',

Please help


I have similar issue which I have located to form's "name" attribute. If I drop name attribute to make form XHTML1.1 compatible then dijit.editor text area is empty.

Could you please verify if this is still an issue?

I can't reproduce it with the current version, 1.11.5.

Closing as not an issue because no feedback was given since April + I couldn't reproduce the issue.