ZF-5995: Zend_Soap_AutoDiscover - mutiple return parameters


Zend_Soap_AutoDiscover does not support mutiple return parameters.

Currently "autodiscover" can generate only one output parameter in WSDL, which called ??Return?? It gets return type from phpDoc of the method using Reflection. PHP's "reflection method" can have only one return parameter.

There is another implementation of multiple return parameters in soap server library. It is using associative array as return type.

Here is a part of the PHP manual… {quote} Note: functions must receive all input arguments in the same order as defined in the WSDL file (They should not receive any output parameters as arguments) and return one or more values. To return several values they must return an array with named output parameters. {quote}

Generated WSDL has following structure {quote} {quote}

But it should be like this {quote} {quote}

Can you add this functionality to Zend_Soap_AutoDiscover, please?


If you propose a good syntax for multiple parameters, i can add this.

Multiple @return seems very ugly and would raise complaints from PHP CodeSniffer in every coding standard i know. Using @return type1|type2 is not possible, since this syntax is hinting at different types of a single return value.

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Feel free to re-open and provide a patch if you want to fix this issue.