ZF-6019: testCaptchaImageCleanup(Zend_Captcha_ImageTest) test failure


{panel} 1) testCaptchaImageCleanup(Zend_Captcha_ImageTest) File /tmp/ZF_test_images/0d62d1387f038b41435689678c94a062.png was found even after GC Failed asserting that is false. {panel}


Garbage collection process is started randomly depending on GcFreq option.

mt_rand(0, $this->getGcFreq()) == 1

Above expression is used to check if garbage collection process have to be started. So gcFreq == 1 ($captcha->setGcFreq(1)) means "once per two executions".

mt_rand(1, $this->getGcFreq()) is more accurate (and it looks like a bug but not a unit tests problem).

is it really a Zend_Cache issue ?

I change the component (it seems to be a Zend_Captcha problem, not a Zend_Cache one)

Does this still occur? There is a fix posted in r14290 (1.7 release branch) some time ago, but it seems the poster did not close the issue yet.

Resolving, since I can not reproduce this and it seems to be fixed since r14290 / 1.7.7.