ZF-6035: CamelCaseController naming fatal error with PHP version 5.2.9


I have problem with CamelCaseController.php filenaming. I am using zend 1.7.3 patch1 on localhost with PHP Version 5.2.6, I have also live version on hosting. Everything works fine until hosting upgraded to PHP version 5.2.9. I think there is the problem. I have got my CamelCaseController.php but when i call i have this error: "Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Zend_Controller_Dispatcher_Exception' with message 'Invalid controller specified (...."

I try to invistigate where is the problem and after i renamed CamelCaseController.php to CamelcaseController.php everything works. I do not know if the problem is in php version but it is strange. Naming inside class does not matter, only file name seems to be problem, controller starts with: class CamelCaseController extends Zend_Controller_Action....


Please read the manual more carefully, in particular the following:

In short, CamelCasing should be referred on the URL via word-separators. As an example, the controller CamelCaseController will be reffered on the URL as "camel-case".