ZF-6051: Zend_Cache compressing output


When you cache some html, css, javascript data, you store them as they were created : with spaces, comments, new and empty lines, very long names for css classes or javascript's variables. I think we can improve Zend_Cache : we should be able to compress cached data. I don't think about gzip, but for example, something like Dojo Shrinksafe for javascript : - delete unneeded spaces and lines - delete comments - change size of variable


AFAIK the best compressor for CSS/JS is YUI ->


This is some new code to add to ZF. It extends ZF_Cache in order to compress data. A doc file explains how it works.

I hope it can be integrated to a next ZF release.


Can this compress feature be added to ZF ? How can i help to do this ?

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I find the 2 proposals here;

  1. Zend_Cache_Backend_Compression…

  2. Zend_Compress…