ZF-6054: Lowercase version of 'Zend_search_lucene' class name is used in the code


There are some places in the code where lowercase version of 'Zend_search_lucene' class name is used instead of 'Zend_Search_Lucene'. This can cause some errors on case sensitive operating systems.

Contaminated files: Fuzzy.php:205: $maxTerms = Zend_search_lucene::getTermsPerQueryLimit(); MultiTerm.php:111: if (count($terms) > Zend_search_lucene::getTermsPerQueryLimit()) { Range.php:162: $maxTerms = Zend_search_lucene::getTermsPerQueryLimit(); Wildcard.php:156: $maxTerms = Zend_search_lucene::getTermsPerQueryLimit();


Already fixed.