ZF-6056: Issues marked as resolved/fixed not merged into the releases they are reported as fixed in


At least the following Zend_AMF issues are not present in the 1.7.7 release, even though they were marked as fixed quite long ago:

ZF-5078 Zend_Amf does not properly serialize Zend_Amf_Value_ByteArray instances (marked as fixed in 1.7.2) ZF-5079 Zend_Amf doesn't encode SimpleXMLElement or DOMDocument as flash XML type (marked as fixed, no version specified) ZF-5346 AMF3 Messages with Object as first param fails with badVersion ZF-5381 Create session management of subsequent AMF calls. (marked as fixed in 1.7.5) ZF-5388 Zend_Amf_Server handles arguments wrong

These are the only ones I checked specifically for since they are bugs I've been encountering. It'd be great to get these merged in properly.

Issue "ZF-5079 Zend_Amf doesn't encode SimpleXMLElement or DOMDocument as flash XML type" also doesn't seem to have been incorporated into the trunk (at least not with the patch I submitted). Fisheye doesn't report any commits being made for that issue.

Thanks for the great work on this project. I hope to see these issues resolved in the next release.


I just was informed yesterday that it is my job to move the code into the release. This was magically done for me for awhile. Now I know.

No prob then, just wanted to make sure you were aware of it. Again, thanks for the great work, and the quick response.

These changes have been added into the 1.7 release branch and will be a part of the next mini release. I have added features and changed to much code. So it should make everyones life easier with these out of trunk!