ZF-6071: Zend_Http_Client needs a __destruct


At the bare minimum it should call the Adapter's {{__destruct()}}, e.g. {{Zend_Http_Client_Adapter_Socket::__destruct()}}.


I'm kinda missing the point here. Why exactly would it need one?

Are you saying this because of a problem you encountered or because you think it's correct...?

Calling the Adapter's __destruct() would be plain wrong IMHO because nobody said one wants a pre-configured $adapter object to be destroyed with the client. For example, I might want to set some stream context options on the socket adapter, capture the peer's SSL cert and then extract it using $adapter->getStreamContext() - maybe even after the client has been destroyed.

Let me know if there's a good reason for this, or if I can simply close this bug.

Resolved by mistake

Closing this issue because no response was given for several months.