ZF-6087: Allow multiple helperpaths with config for Zend_View


 DASPRiD, am I right when saying that I can't set helper paths by using config files only?
 but atm I cannot set the helperpaths through a ini config?
 lemme lookup it quickly
 Freeaqingme, resources.view.helperpath = "Zym_View_Helper"
 it just supports a single helper path there
 but, that doesn't allow me to add more than one path?
 Freeaqingme, resources.view.helperpathprefix = "Zym_View_Helper"
 Freeaqingme, resources.view.helperpath = "Zym/View/Helper"
 or such
 I c
 but that is only for one helper, it doesn't support multiple I guess?
 according to the zend_view_abstract constructor, nope
 you may tacle matthew
 so that resource would need to get patched a bit?
 to make it support multiple paths
 not the resource
 but zend_view
 why not the resource?
 because its not part of the resource to do so
 it should just pass the options to zend_view
 and zend_view should then handle it
 it should only get in the resource, when it would be a bc break for zend_view
 but it wouldnt :)
 create a sub-task, i c if i can create a patch for it today


Support has been added to Zend_VIew's constructor to allow this now as of r14965. You can now pass view helper paths and filter paths as follows:

resources.view.helperPath.Zym_View_Helper = "Zym/View/Helper"
resources.view.filterPath.Zym_View_Filter = "Zym/View/Filter"

and, of course, add additional prefix/path combinations.