ZF-6107: Zend_Cache => Frontend_File master_file vs. master_files



refering to documentation master_file (deprecated) option shouldn't be used anymore and master_files should be used instead. But still in current version 1.7.6 this doesn't work! Please correct documentation or even better implement as soon as possible! ;-)

Thanks in advance regards Bjoern


it seems to be a bigger problem

master_file is deprecated in SVN trunk and docs in trunk are coherent

in 1.7 branch, master_file is not deprecated and docs in 1.7 branch are coherent

but the online manual seems to be the trunk manual (and not the 1.7 branch manual)

it seems to be a problem, doesn't it ?

to give an example : search "master_files" (with a trailing "s") in Zend_Cache-Frontends.xml file, not found in 1.7 branch, found in trunk and found in the online official manual

Set component and auto re-assign

fixed in 1.8.0