ZF-6111: Add option to Zend_Config_Writer to skip section names


It would be nice if Zend_Config_Writer would skip section names if instructed to do so.

I am using Zend_Config_Ini for my testing, development and staging environments but I create a single Zend_Config (array) for use in my production environment.

The change is really simple, write() should have an extra parameter:

public function write($filename = null, Zend_Config $config = null, $exclusiveLock = null, $useSectionName = true)

and instead of just checking if section name is a string

        if (is_string($sectionName)) {
            $data = array($sectionName => $data);

we could check for the $useSectionNames as well:

        if (($useSectionName) && (is_string($sectionName))) {
            $data = array($sectionName => $data);

If it will help I can provide patch files for these changes.


Hi, can I expect this issue to be resolved. What can I need do to make this happen?

Is it necessary to explain the use case, submit patches, create tests?


I will add a new ini writer for exactly this issue.

Added and documented a new config writer "SimpleIni" which writes all data into the global INI namespace.