ZF-6125: Zend_Tool_Framework_Manifest_Repository getMetadata() should use either client or non client naming (not both)


Concerning SVN standard/incubator:

The problem occured when requesting manifest data for a custom method listing

$searchParams = array(
            'name'  => 'cliProviderName',
            'type'  => 'Provider',
            'value' => 'some-class',


$searchParams = array(
           'name'                 => 'cliActionableMethodLongParameters',
            'type'                  => 'Provider',
            'providerName'  =>    'SomeClass'
            'actionName'    =>     'Action',
            'specialtyName' =>    '_Default',

Changing the providerName did return null in both cases.


The Console Client manifest has been updated since this report.

THe general idea here is that the console client is adding information to the registry that it (and others) can use to determine what the client naming is.

Specifically, the argument parser and help system use these values to determine both what to dispatch and how to present help to the user.

If you have other concerns or questions, lets discuss on the mailing list as this is good feedback!