ZF-6132: Chinese Languae using Zend Translate


i'm going to making a website with multi language

Chinese Simple , Chinese Traditional & English

Now i am facing the problem in Detecting the locale

zh_CN Using Chinese Simple

zh_HK & zh_TW Using Chinese Traditional

In Zend Translate it only Detect zh_HK the first Two letter , so any solution for this ?


It does not... When a translation for zh_HK is not available THEN it falls back to this translation for zh.

When you don't want this behaviour you have to make your own rerouting within your bootstrap file.

Closing due to not an issue. Full locales are recognised the same as only languages.

No, Even all zh translation is available , when i choose my browser to zh-cn it will using zh-hk

Choosing a locale within your browser has no effect to Zend_Translate when you are doing something wrong. This is no problem is Zend_Translate, this is a handling problem.

And sorry, but with this little information you gave a help is impossible.


$translate = new Zend_Translate('array', 'path/to/file.php', 'zh_CN');

will NEVER result in the language zh_HK... this is impossible as rerouting is actually not available within ZF.