ZF-6162: No REQUEST_METHOD populated by default


If I'm using the {{REQUEST_METHOD}} or {{$this->_request->getMethod()}} in my controller, I get "undefined index" while executing tests.

I guess the expected behaviour would be {{GET}}. An intermediate fix is to use {{setMethod('GET')}} in your test case.


Fixed! Method is GET by default now

The update broke existing unit tests (which showed incorrect behavior). Please see ZF-7885. I've fixed the tests in the 1.9 release branch and trunk at this time.

sorry, for me all the tests run through, this is weird

The last two tests in the HttpTestCaseTest suite were failing; I've updated in the past hour and they now pass. :)

There was a test specifically named "testRequestMethodShouldBeNullByDefault" that is now renamed to "testRequestMethodShouldBeGetByDefault"; the following test actually called it as well.