ZF-6169: Support pluggable serialization in Zend_Cached and allow user to delegate serialization to the backend



the following patch adds support for overriding the serialization method from php serialize to for example igbinary serialization. Another change in the patch is that it allows user to turn off forced serialization and therefore delegate the serialization to the backend.

The patch can be found here:…

if you need me to sign a CLA to get this in as fast as possible let me know.


Is there any progress on this issue or ZF-3400 ?

your patch seems to be ok, I'm going to use it


I'm working on a Zend_Cache refactoring proposal. This would implements serialization only on the backend side.

Please take a look and tell your opinions.


can you link me to the proposal?

change Assignee because I'm inactive now

What is the status of this bug? This has been in progress since May.

This won't be fixed in ZF1. -> fixed in ZF2-133