ZF-6292: Zend_Auth doesn't write a new session data on namespace


HI, I am trying save data on a default namespace using the following code:

if ($result->isValid()) { $data = $authAdapter->getResultRowObject(array('id','name'), 'pass'); $auth->getStorage()->write($data); }

$data variable contains a correct object value, but Zend_Auth_Storage_Session doesnt write a new session namespace on the system.

To do it, i have to use the following code:

if ($result->isValid()) { $data = $authAdapter->getResultRowObject(array('id','name'), 'pass'); $namaspace = new Zend_Session_Namespace('Zend_Auth'); $namaspace->name = $data->name; $namaspace->id = $data->id; }


Have you tried this code here:…

If you cannot get this code to work, please re-open