ZF-6295: All licence files have to be modified to point to the actual year


The licence within all Zend Framework files has to be modified.

It should point to the end date in form of "copyright 2005 to present". When this is not possible, then our copyright should be modified to point to the actual year.

Please ask a laywer at Zend which would be a proper solution.


I just wanted to note that I wonder if this get fixed before 1.8.4. It used to be 1.8.1, then it became 1.8.2, and now it's 1.8.3...

As there was no response from the lawyer since 2 months, I changed all ZF core headers to 2009 as I did last year.

Fixed with r16225

..LICENSE.txt is still "2005-2008"…

I found it be fixed now. r16285. Thanks!