ZF-6424: PHP 5.3 Rc2-Dev using PHPUnit 3.4.0beta2 All tests


I have run all unit tests (via individual AllTests) on head as of tonight using 5.3.0RC2-dev, PHPUnit 3.4.0beta2 (3.3.16 created issues) on 64 bit Ubuntu 9.04, please note that I compiled PHP here manually, the contents of my test configuration are the same as the distributed plus I enabled sqlite and a handful of other things.

Please do not take the attached output as definitive, the output was generated by beta software, run on beta software for beta software. Here's to hoping that it's useful.

P.S. AllTests are to be assumed top level directory tests are postfixed with test.txt


Results files in txt, these are direct redirects ie. I ran the tests as phpunit Zend/Acl/AllTests.php > acl.txt

I remove Zend_Cache from the list of components because there are only "apc is not enabled" errors (local configuration issues I guess).

Zend_Calendar: Removed, this component does not exist in trunk.

Zend_Currency, Zend_Date, Zend_File_Transfer, Zend_Validate Removed, All unittests pass without a problem. Why noted as broken ???

Zend_Measure, Zend_TimeSync: Removed, A framework file is missing. In trunk and 1.8b it is available. No problem of unittests but of deleted file by user.

Zend_Acl, Zend_Amf, Zend_Application, Zend_Auth_Adapter_*, Zend_Captcha, Zend_CodeGenerator, Zend_Console_GetOpt, Zend_Debug, Zend_Dom_Query, Zend_InfoCard, Zend_Json, Zend_Json_Server, Zend_Layout

Removed, no unittests error at all. Why noted as broken ???

Please note that I am not stating all tests are "broken" this was an account of running all PHPUnit tests against 5.3 head, I included all components as all components were tested, failed or passed. I have no objections to making modifications to the test configuration for future testing purposes, please email me recommendations and requests for further testing actions. On my box (my dev environment,) I currently have xDebug, APC, memcached, and for local databases have Postgres and MySQL 5.0.* available. As I was under the impression it would be useful to get Unit tests on PHP 5.3 RC's up to release time I can post a full run of all tests once a week if so desired (or not if not.)


Shawn Stratton

Thomas, Shawn has run these tests on PHP 5.3 at my request. He is doing so so that we can gauge how ZF will work on PHP 5.3 and help correct issues pro-actively before the PHP 5.3 GA release.

I will update the issue to not include any components. However, in the future, please be a little more kind to those doing ZF a service such as this.

Removed components from list; will open sub-tasks for specific components that show errors.

I got several notifications and looking into them I recognised that all components marked as broken but the files I have looked at are not. As there is no release mentioned and I was not able to reproduce the problems I was surprised.

I did not know that these tests were instructed by Matthew. I'm sorry if I reacted wrong.

Shawn: I appreciate your work. Please don't get me wrong in this. Related to run test once a week you should ask Matthew. My opinion is that you should only look at fixed unittests, to see if they are really fixed. All 2 or 4 weeks is enough for AllTests as most of us are also doing real live work beside of ZF ;-) I don't think that they will be fixed faster.

As of 1.10, ZF has worked fine with PHP 5.3.x and PHPUnit 3.4.x

Not an issue, closing to remove from list. (I'm the reporter)