ZF-6468: "BlackHole" cache backend


Sometimes developers want temporary disable caching. The easiest way is switch backend to some other. I propose include new backend with name "BlackHole". It is always return true for storing data, false when loading/test data, and empty array for searching by tags, etc... It implement Extended interface for more compatibility.

NB: 'caching=false' option is not equal this backend, i.e. you can use this backend as part of Two_Levels backends.


BlackHole backend.

Yeah, a Null backend could be cool for testing purposes

change Assignee because I'm inactive now

Probabry, I think the method getFillingPercentage() should return integer zero instead of array() .

Yes, you are right

Thanks comment, Ilya ;-)

It would be released in 1.10 . Plz try and report ;-)

with current trunk - my application works good. But some slow now ;)