ZF-6523: Dojo 1.3 shipped w/ Zend Framework 1.8.0 has wrong util directory


Dojo 1.3, as shipped w/ ZF 1.8, still has the util directory from dojo 1.2.3. This directory should contain the new shrinksafe but contains the old broken version with the custom_rhino.jar and customer_rhino.diff.


Actually, from dojo.version.toString(), it looks like the version of dojo shipped w/ ZF1.8 is "1.1.0dev (15278)". I was expecting 1.3.0 from the ZF1.8 release announcement.

This is an upstream issue; we pinned to , so if this is the case, it needs to be reported to the Dojo project.

(As for the version, the version string from dojo.version.toString() on the release tags has never once changed since we started pinning, and we've pinned to three different release branches now. :-/ )

I hate to say it, but the 1.3 branch, when you pulled it for the full package, was at least 8 months old (older than what shipped w/ 1.7.?) - unless the svn version reported by dojo.version.toString() is inaccurate.

A quick glance at the utils directory shows that somethings wrong. It's nowhere near what shipped with dojo's packaged 1.3.0.

I'd call this a critical flaw (I spent several very hard hours dealing with issues related to this). It probably deserves a mini release asap to stop others from spinning their wheels with the same problems I had.

Raising to critical since it may take ZF developers hours to realize that they can't rely on the shipped dojo libraries.

If dojo.version.toString() reported a revision somewhat near what the dojo packaged 1.3.0 code does, I would have more faith that this is just a problem w/ the utils dir in the pinned branch being out of sync. But since the reported revision is 8+ months old (and 2,000 commits from the revision 1.3.0 was released at), it would be a stretch to assume any of the code is near what dojo shipped in their packages.

BTW, I'll report this on dojo's trac, but they've already updated their 1.3 branch.

I am interested in seeing this resolved as well. I have been hunting for a document which details the version of Dojo released with each respective Zend Framework release.

Additionally, I'm not sure where ZF pulls its release of Dojo from, but… accurately reports 1.3.0 as the Dojo version. I am also seeing that the last changed date for said file was on 2009-02-25.

As noted on list, the externals are correct -- it appears to be an issue from our packaging tool. I'm looking into it for 1.8.1.

I identified the issue -- our packaging scripts were hard-coding the externals path. I've fixed the scripts to grab the externals path from the current release branch, which will correct the issue for this release and all future releases.