ZF-6524: Zend AMF Server startup does not start provide expected "Zend Amf Endpoint"


Getting my system to show the success message: "Zend Amf Endpoint" has been a long, difficult struggle.

Working with SuSE 11.1, PHP 5.2.9, Apache/2.2.10, ZendFramework-1.8.0 phpinfo() reports: include_path .:/usr/share/php5:/usr/share/php5/PEAR:/srv/www/htdocs/ZendFramework-1.8.0/library

This is the contents of my index.php file sitting in the DocRoot folder (/srv/www/htdocs):

    require_once 'Zend/Amf/Server.php';
    require_once '/srv/www/htdocs/flextest/zendamf_remote/HelloWorld.php';
    $server = new Zend_Amf_Server();
    $_handle = $server->handle();

I can only ever see the success message: "Zend Amf Endpoint" if I include the line:

$_handle = $server->handle();

Omitting that line and just saying ``` not only will not show "Zend Amf Endpoint", but all browsers I tested on, a dialog pops up to then ask to Download the index.php file: Open 'http://localhost/index.php'? Type: application/x-amf

As this took days of struggle for a Framework with "no installation", I need to know is this an error the documentation or is this the best practice server instantiation?

Thanks - Alan Gruskoff


Need to add that my HelloWorld Flex example DOES work if I have the

  statement in place, while the browser will not show the "Zend Amf Endpoint" message.

The opposite is also true, if I remove the  

statement , I see the "Zend Amf Endpoint" message, but the HelloWorld Flex example does NOT work.

It would be great to have a reliable benchmark that "if you see this -all is well".

I kind of had a similar issue to this. I had a working version in a VPS, but when I moved it to a new VPS i got the file save as prompt.

By removing "echo" from the "echo $server->handle();" line, this was fixed.

My best guess is that this is because of the php versions, since on my old VPS I have PHP 5.2.4 and on the new VPS I have 5.3.2

Just adding this comment as a reference for any other person that gets stuck on this like I did.