ZF-6550: Zend_Cache_Frontend_Page - Regexps not support via Zend_Config_Ini


The function Zend_Cache_Core_Frontend_Page->_setRegexps requires the actual regular expression to be the key to an array of options for that expression. This works fine when you're just passing a PHP array (And possibly XML), however there is no way to define this sort of array key via a Zend_Config_Ini file, the following fails:

resources.pagecache.regexp."^/$".cache = true resources.pagecache.regexp."^/article/'".cache = true

I propose the function is modified to support having a regexp option (as an option for backwards compatibility) that contains the actual regular expression. An example of how this would look in an INI file would be:

resources.pagecache.regexps.0.regexp = "^/$" resources.pagecache.regexps.0.cache = true resources.pagecache.regexps.1.regexp = "^/article/'" resources.pagecache.regexps.1.cache = true


A patch file to allow for a new format of defining regular expressions under Zend_Cache_Frontend_Page when using Zend_Config_Ini.

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