ZF-6555: Variable $attrstring misspelled in HeadScript.php


The variable $attrstring is misspelled on line 412 (I'm using v1.8 but I think the same line was in the previous versions). It should be $attrString instead (capiral S).

// search for // $html = $indent . '

As a result of this misspelling a notice is displayed: Notice: Undefined variable: attrstring in /home/securedev/library/Zend/View/Helper/HeadScript.php on line 412


I've looked in the source on both the 1.8 release branch and on the trunk, and it's correct: $attrString. The variable appears three times, on lines 396 (where it's initialized), 407, and 412. In each case, it appears with the exact same spelling and case.