ZF-6589: Make $bootstrap->bootstrap() return the resource(s) instead of $this


If a bootstrap resource needs a reference to another resource, one would need to call {{$this->bootstrap('resource')}} first then {{$res = $this->getResource('resource')}}, or chain them like {{$res = $this->bootstrap('resource')->getResource('resource')}}. It would be nice if they can be combined in a single call. E.g.

{{$this->bootstrap('frontController')->registerPlugin(new My_Plugin());}}

{{list($view, $layout, $modules) = $this->bootstrap(array('view', 'layout', 'modules'));}}


bootstrap() was designed to be a fluent interface because the intention is that it is setting the application/bootstrap state. Additionally, the fact that it can take multiple signatures -- including no arguments -- makes having a standard return value a more sane API.

Marking as "won't fix".