ZF-6614: Zend_Feed_Rss pubDate should be localtime rather than gmdate('r')


zend/feed/rss.php line 425 and other places makes pubDate like the following. $pubdate = $this->_element->createElement('pubDate', gmdate('r', $pubdate)); This always generates timzone +0000 like "Tue, 12 May 2009 02:01:07 +0000".

I think the feed should generate in local timezone.

Something like $pubdate = new Zend_Date($pubdate); $pubdate = $this->_element->createElement('pubDate', $pubdate->get(Zend_Date::RSS)); would generate in local time zone. (though this adds dependency to Zend_Date)

I do not know about the atom class, but the same issue may exist.


atom uses date(DATE_ATOM) and it shows in the local timezone. so you may just use date(DATE_RSS) for rss?

Fixed in r18265