ZF-6635: No extension named pdo_mssql

Description… mentions pdo_mssql with a link to The name of the extensions is however pdo_dblib and the link is



Anyway, I noticed that in the documentation we tell users to "Specify this Adapter to the factory() method with the name 'Pdo_Mssql'."

pdo_mssql is also mentionned at several places in the adapter documentation, and the driver is named extension=php_pdo_mssql.dll in PHP.ini. Such a dilema...

The php driver name - which could be virtually anything - has got nothing to do with the adapter name in ZF...

For some reason I missed the report, and only read the first comment. The first comment irrelevant imho (see previous comment), the issue itself legit.

Reopening & reassigning...

Committed fix to trunk and merged into 1.9 release branch.