ZF-6718: Title attach order


Please add a method to HeadTitle Helper to specify whether we want to append or prepend the title.

If we make something like this $this->headTitle ('Site Title); $this->headTitle ('Page Title); Now, by default zf generates the title like this: Site Title - Page Title but if I want to obtain Page Title - Site Title i have to do something like this: $this->headTitle ('Site Title); $this->headTitle ('Page Title, 'PREPEND'); but this is annoying if you have to specify this in a lot of files. Or if i want suddenly to change the order back, I have to remove the "PREPEND' command in all files.

So i suggest to add to the helper class a method like: public function setDefaultAttachOrder ($order = 'PREPEND');

By the way, the Page Title - Site Title style is used allmost all over the internet, in order to make SEO more effective. It's used even on this site )


Implemented in r22088

Usually you are setting the site title in the layout (and the page title in the view). The layout gets executed after the view so the previous implementation was more logical IMHO.