ZF-6743: - problems executing if its folder name has whitespaces


if the the PHP_DIR includes whitespaces the script fails to be executed.


The last line of may cause this problem.

$PHP_BIN -d safe_mode=Off -f $PHP_DIR/zf.php -- $@

It seems to have bad influence on MacOS Edition of Zend Studio for Eclipse 7.0.0 Early Access when creating project.

As a work around one can double quote the $PHP_DIR/zf.php section in the file.

so this line should be altered to $PHP_BIN -d safe_mode=Off -f "$PHP_DIR/zf.php" -- $@

Thank you, Roy. ;-) Solved in SVN r16195

The problem still exists because $PHP_BIN should be quoted for spaces as well.

Fixed in trunk rev 16770