ZF-6773: Zend_Config_Writer_Xml creates fatal error


If you try to create an XML config using a multidimensional array and the keys are numeric, the value is an array, there gets a fatal error on string-convertion.

Example {quote} {quote} creates this array: {quote} array('notification' =>array('adress' =>array(0 => array('name'=>'firstname lastname','mail'=>''),1 => array('name'=>'firstname2 lastname2','mail'=>'')))); {quote}

// FIXME Zend/Config/Writer/Xml.php line (182) $child = $parent->addChild($branchName {color:red}-,(string) $value-{color});


Zend_Config cannot be converted to string so this is a bug.

Attached patch to fix this bug.

Fixed in r18187.

Thank you for this bugfix.